Hi, I'm Oliver.

I am the founder of addicted to coffee Design Studio.

I love crafting beautiful icons and create emporing user interfaces. What can I do for you?

Oliver Pitsch

What I do. Besides that coffee thing.

As much as I love creating empowering user interfaces, I am also quite good at other design diciplines.
Let‘s have a chat and see how I can help you.



Creating icons that deliver a clear message with just a few pixels is the most challenging and most fun design discipline I know. And I totally love it. I've been creating icons for international clients for nearly a decade now. From 16x16px Favicons to large photorealistic ones. I'm sure I will also get your message deliverd!

Example of an icon created by Oliver Pitsch
Example of a user interface created by Oliver Pitsch


A lot of people misunderstand User Interface Design and User Experience as part of "webdesign", but that's a completely different story. When designing the user interface for an app or webservice the challange is to make is visually highly attractive, while keeping it simple and fun to use. Let's lift your UI to a new level!


I believe that a good designer also has to be a good developer. That's why I don't stop at designing your new website. I will also write all the necessary code (using the latest coding technologies, like HTML5, CSS3, Javascript etc.) to bring your new design to every browser in the world.

Example of an icon created by Oliver Pitsch
Example of an icon created by Oliver Pitsch


Are you still using Comic Sans on your letterhead? Than you should better run a Kindergarden or call me as fast as you can! Seriously, your branding defines your companies first impression. Let's make sure it is a great one.


An image is worth a thousand words. This is more then ever true when talking about descriptions of nearly everything. Let me help you illustrate what you want to say with gorgeous illustrations that even your 6 year old niece will understand.

Example of an icon created by Oliver Pitsch
Example of an icon created by Oliver Pitsch


Founding your own company is extremly challenging. I've been there and I've done that. Let me help you with a great design work, perfect slidedeck and all the other stuff you need to get your business up and running as quick as possible.

Of course, I offer special rates for startups. 😘

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